Butcher’s Monoprotein

Turkey and Vegetables


Butcher’s Monoprotein contain only one source of meat protein. Is easily digest and can be recommended for dogs with diagnosed allergy, as a part of elimination diet, as everyday feeding for dogs with sensitive stomach. It has a high meat content and a grain free recipe, fortified with vegetables and herbs, to support your dog’s health.


  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomach and food allergies.
  • Monoprotein- single meat protein source.
  • 100% beef/lamb/turkey in meat content.
  • No sugar, soya, preservatives, colors.
  • Gluten and Grain free.


  •  Dogs with gluten and grain intolerance as everyday feeding
  • Convalescent dogs who are recovering from illness for muscle development
  • Dogs with intolerance of particular ingredients as a part of an elimination diet