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Butcher's Bio Foods

Butcher's Bio Foods is a certified food for pets prepared from 100% organic ingredients, responsibly grown in a natural environment, which guarantees their highest quality.

Butcher’s Organic

Butcher's Organic,it's certified food for pets available only in pet channel. It is prepared from organic ingredients, containing functional ingredients to support the specific needs of your pet.

Butcher’s Classic

Butcher's Classic is a tasty complete food for cats, made with natural ingredients. We all know how cute and, at the same time, picky cats can be when it comes to food. In caring for our beloved pets, we use our knowledge and experience in producing animal food. Hence, we have prepared delicious meals that your cat will love.

Butcher’s Classic Pro Series

It is a delicious meal, providing your cat with all of the essential Vitamins and Minerals to provide protection every day. Recipe enriched with Salmon Oil to support a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Butcher’s Classic Delicious Dinners

This is a delicious meal that supplies your cat with the vitamins and minerals every day. Contains fresh ingredients and high content of meat.

What kind of food does your cat prefer?

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