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We do not run any tests on animals. The only test our products undergo is that of our recipient – the dog, at home, supervised by its owner who serves it Butcher's products.

Naturally. Many feeds on the market contain gluten in the form of nutrient-poor pieces that imitate meat & are bulked out with cereals & soya. We use only wholesome meat. None of Butcher's WET feeds contain wheat gluten, that is why it is safe for dogs with gluten intolerance and, thus, may help to prevents allergies. So, if your dog is gluten intolerant, choose a wet feed from our ranges.

For small dogs, we have developed the Butcher's Gastronomia line. The special formula will provide your small dog with all the necessary nutrients. The products do not contain any artificial ingredients, and they taste great. Ideal for a small and demanding dog.

Thousands of years ago, dogs were carnivores, but through evolution they have become omnivores. Therefore, you can give them all the vegetables they like. Just like in your diet, in dog diet too, vegetables are an important source of vitamins and minerals that help maintain health and vitality.

Pasta contains gluten, which can cause allergies and health problems in dogs. Precisely for this reason, we do not add pasta or any other ingredients containing gluten to our products. However, dogs which do not have any problems with tolerating gluten products can safely eat pasta.

Butcher’s pate, meaty chunks in jelly or in gravy – are all delicious meaty meals with all necessary nutrients. But it is your dog that will decide what it likes the most, what it is used to or what it fancies at the moment. It is best to give variety in a dog's diet and feed it dog food in various forms and various flavours.

If you are worried about your dog's weight, you should consult a veterinarian. The principle, however, is similar as in the case of dieting for humans – reducing the amount of food and increasing physical activity. However, always make sure that the dog is getting all the necessary nutrients. You can also try our new dog feed in alu trays 150g – Butcher's Pro Series Light. It contains L-carnitine and a lower amount of fat, helping reduce and maintain proper weight.

No. Our products contain no artificial additives. It is a priority for us to produce healthy food of best quality, so none of our wet products contains any artificial colourings, flavouring or preservatives. In our dry food, in the yellow granules, we use Sunset Yellow colouring, but its concentration is negligible, in no way threatening the dog’s health. It is worth noting that this is also a natural feed, as it contains up to 98% natural ingredients. Detailed information is always available on the packaging.

These products are prepared with special care for the health and satisfaction of small dogs. Carefully selected ingredients provide all the necessary nutrients for proper development. In addition, they contain no artificial additives and they taste great.

No. Adding fillers, such as soybeans or cereals to the products, not only decreases its content, but also might cause allergies, especially among dogs with gluten intolerance (wheat gluten). That is why producing food without the fillers, contributes to a healthy dog diet. The only additive used in several of our products is easily digested rice, which is a source of necessary carbohydrates.

To ensure proper diet for your puppy, we have prepared a special line of products, Butcher’s Gastronomia JUNIOR. They contain, among others, calcium, omega-3 and -6 oils (for healthy bones and teeth) and unsaturated fats (for healthy skin and coat). This ensures fast, healthy and safe development of your puppy.

You can put it in the refrigerator and store for up to 24 hours. We recommend transferring it into a plastic, sealable container or using a re-sealable can lid. Remember, however, to give it to your dog at room temperature, so that it tastes perfectly.

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