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I’m very satisfied with Butcher’s, because it has high meat content. Usually, I buy meat for my pets, but when I can’t, I get them Butcher’s. My cat also loves this food. I like its composition and lack of preservatives.


Butcher’s is the best solution to ensure variety in my dog’s diet. Butcher’s cans are always fresh, which the dog smells even before they’re open, so it looks forward to the food that is about to end up served in its bowl. My cat also likes the 150 g Butcher’s Classic feed. For me, this feed is better with other products available on the market. I’m glad that it’s easily available in many chain stores.

Monica and Gaja

Gaja was happy as soon as she smelled Butcher’s. She would eat her food right away and always wanted more when she was done. I pay particular attention to the meat content in dog food. I’m always looking for high meat content – that’s why I read the labels. Butcher’s meets my expectations. Butcher’s with beef and rice – made with 45% meat, chicken and rice – made with 50% meat. What’s more, the product is gluten-free, which means that it’s a healthy, natural and complete source of nutrients. Butcher’s won my trust and it will surely be a part of Gaja’s menu. I recommend it to all dog owners.


My dogs loved Butcher’s, and they are very picky. Once, I wanted to see, whether they would at least try wet feed, but they wouldn’t even touch it. When I opened a can of Butcher’s and put it in the bowls, they were eating it before I even set the bowls on the floor. Butcher’s feed is of great quality and it’s easily accessible. I recommend it to all dog owners.

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