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Ethics policy

At Butcher's, we believe that we are required to offer products that meet the highest quality standards and that have been manufactured in an ethical manner. Therefore, we have prepared the Ethics Policy for our suppliers and customers, which aims to reflect the concerns and expectations of the company owner concerning the foods for animals.

At Butcher's, our priorities are the opinions of our Customers and producing foods for animals based on quality and taste; foods that, at the same time, contain all necessary nutrients your pet needs.

The key elements of our policy are divided into four areas: assessment of taste, raw materials, packaging and finished products.

Assessment of taste

At Butcher's, we believe that the taste of a product is the key to success. Our aim is to produce premium foods that not only taste great, but also contain all the nutrients necessary for the development of healthy and happy animals.

Butcher's Pet Care has implemented thorough quality controls on the production line, to ensure the highest quality of its products.

Raw materials

At Butcher's, we believe that what we exclude from our products is just as important as what they contain. We also believe that all food products should be as natural as possible, which is why all our products are made from 99% natural ingredients. Butcher's Pet Care uses fresh raw materials, that ensure the best quality of our products.


Our customers are interested in information about the origin of our packaging, recycling and involvement in the "green" sector. Butcher's confirms that:

the company processes used packaging materials such as cardboard and plastic

paper packaging, wherever possible, is produced from recycled materials

all containers used in the production are made of recyclable steel.

Finished products

All customers want to be sure that the food they give to their animals is of high quality and that the quality system has applied to every stage of production. Therefore, Butcher's puts quality always first.

Quality systems have been introduced at every stage of production.

Butcher's Pet Care has a quality statement, available to all Customers.

Butcher's Pet Care encourages all suppliers to introduce a similar policy.

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